Master in Aerospace Engineering - M1/First year


Master in Aerospace Engineering

Master in Aerospace Engineering - M1/First year

alarm Launch:

01/12/2023 at 00:01

schedule Closing:

18/03/2024 at 10:00


Time zone: Europe/Paris

To apply, International (non-EU) students have to be registrated to Campus France (Etudes en France) with a registration number.

Please check the deadlines with your country representative.

For all students (EU and Non UE) please be ready with:

- CV/Resume

- Motivation/Cover letter

- Copy of your Passport/ID Card

- ID Picture - Reference letter(s)

- Transcripts of records

- Copy of the last degree awarded

- English Language Certificate or a proof that the last 3 years of higher education were taught in English or that English is your native language..

Application deadline for first session: 01/15/2024

Application deadline for complementary session : 03/15/2024

Please check our website for further information about the deadlines for the admissions committees :